Wear for an ATV Tour

Going on an ATV tour is among the best outdoor activities with slight extremities. So, if you fancy an extreme outdoor activity, why not go on an ATV tour? But, before you book for a ticket or a reservation in any ATV riding establishment, here are the things other than custom t shirts you need to pack up first:

Standard Helmet, Elbow Guards, & Knee Pads

ATVs may be a four-wheeled vehicle but that doesn’t mean wearing standard protection isn’t necessary. Although some establishments offer ATV riding provide helmets, elbow guards, and knee pads, it’s better if you have these prepared in case the establishment you’re visiting has incomplete protective gears available. Remember, ATVs can flip upside down when treading uneven terrains, so this could be fatal for a rider. Lastly, if you’re buying protective gear, make sure that these gears aren’t made of sub-standard materials; quality is key when you want effective protective gears.

Shirts with Long Sleeves

You can wear any custom t-shirts you want as long as it has long sleeves. The shirt’s long sleeves will protect your forearms’ skin from the scorching heat of the sun, especially at ATV riding venues that are located in desert areas. If you won’t opt for a long-sleeved t-shirt, then you’ll notice afterwards that the skin tone in your forearms is way much darker than the rest of your body due to sunburn, and it won’t look pretty. If possible, wear a long-sleeved shirt with sweat-wicking fabric.

Long Pants or Jeans

Just like the long sleeved shirt, long pants or jeans will protect your leg’s skin from the heat of the sun. However, its most important function is to protect you from the heat of the ATV’s engine. If possible, wear jeans rather than pants with ordinary and thin fabric. Jeans are thick enough to protect your legs from sharp objects you might drive through such as burrs, sticks, thorns, spikes, and underbrush. If you’re not comfortable with jeans, then you can opt for a canvass fabric.

Bike Gloves

Bike gloves aren’t really necessary, but they have their benefits. Bike gloves can help your hands have a firm grip with the handlebars. This is most useful for people with sweaty hands and butterfingers. Moreover, your knuckles will be protected from any collisions it might encounter such as twigs and thick branches. So, it’s best to invest in a pair of bike gloves to maximize safety. Plus, it also adds a bit of fashion.

Closed Shoes

Unlike the bike gloves, wearing closed shoes is a must when riding an ATV. Just to clarify, a closed shoe is a shoe that covers your entire foot, from your toe down to your heel. Closed shoes could be hiking boots, tennis shoes, running shoes, basketball shoes, or any other rubber shoes. The soles of the shoes also prevent your feet from slipping off.


So, now that you know the essentials to wear for an ATV tour, better start shopping for them now before you book for reservations and tickets.


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