Tips on How to Take Perfect Adventure Self-Portrait

Adventure Self-Portrait

Traveling alone does not necessarily mean awkward selfies and not being included in your custom painting kits. With thorough planning, patience, and a bit of experimenting with your shots, you can achieve the perfect adventure self-portrait. Painting self portraits are not as hard as you imagine them to be. Even when traveling solo, the most fun photoshoot can be realized.

Here are some tips to get the best photos while traveling alone:

Take Photos Inside Your Tent or Camper

You probably wonder how some can take lovely self-portraits by themselves. Well, you will be amazed to know that some photos are taken many times before they get to choose the best photo. So be patient when taking self-portraits.

Make your trip memorable and make sure to tell a story on every picture. Take pictures of yourself while inside the tent or in your camper. Don’t forget to capture the reality of the place, and no matter how messy the situation. You can also take photos of the landscape outside.

Use a Selfie Stick but Never Use it the Traditional Way

Don’t hesitate to be more creative when traveling alone. You want to cover the whole place; hence taking selfies, the entire trip is not a good idea. Place the selfie stick on your shoulder, inside your backpack, in a tree, etc. Set a timer and then pose. There are many ways to use a selfie stick, and it’s always better than placing them in your face.

Make Use of Your Car Window as a Frame for Your Shot

There is no need to print your photo so you can place it in a frame. You can just be creative to achieve a framed shot. The output of this shot is always unique and minimalist. While traveling, you can find a lot of frames that you can use in taking photos. Utilize your car windows, the tent window, and even the rearview mirror.

Place Your Phone on the Dash and Set the Timer

Candids are always amazing. It tells a story, and you never know how great the results are with a time-lapse. Just go on with your travel and sightseeing and once you see a perfect place, don’t hesitate to take photos.

Do You Ugly and Horrible? Take a Photo!

You don’t need to wait for a perfect face, perfect place, and perfect time when taking photos. You are traveling for experience and stories in the future. It’s fun to take photos when you’re not at your best, feeling down, or tired. This tells a fantastic story, and it makes you reminded that you were in this place once upon a time and had a good time.

Final Words

Your travel self-portraits are for you. You don’t need to follow some rules for it to be perfect. Some of the best shorts are taken by mistakes so just keep shooting. Always remember that the essence of traveling is to have fun and chill.

6 Tips to Make Your Theme Park Visit Worthwhile

Theme Park Visit Worthwhile

A visit to a theme park can be the most magical and fun experience for your family and circle of friends. According to luffy figures, whether we intend it or not, it can be a disaster if we do not prepare well enough for the trip. The good news is, we got tips for you to make sure your theme park visit is a good memorable experience for you and your desired company.

Preparation is Key!

Planning is the most important part of any trip. To make sure you get to avail the best tickets, do some research and pick the best prices available. You can check on travel deal websites to find the best discounts from memberships that may already have them.

It is also possible that the theme park you will be visiting, have promo which you can use to make booking using their sites. It is recommended to sign up for their newsletters of such sites and follow them on their different social media accounts. This will help to keep you posted on updates, such as discounts and promos.

Reserve your Meals

After you have bought your tickets, you also need to book the meals for the trip. For sure, restaurants inside and outside the park will be jam-packed with people, especially at peak hours. To tick that off from your worries list, make sure to book reservations ahead of time to avoid being stuck in long lines with your stomach grumbling for a meal. If you are on a tight budget, you can just prepare your meal and find a shady spot where you and your family can enjoy packed food.

Research in Advance

Before your most awaited trip, be sure to research about the different attractions and rides in the theme park. List down which are your top priorities and find out where they are located. When you arrive at the park, it can be very tempting to get onto the first attraction you see.

However, this can cause some regrets later, especially if it becomes a reason for not experiencing the ride or see the attraction you wanted to visit the most. Also, if it is possible, reserve ticket passes on rides and attractions that belong to your top priorities to avoid long queues and to cut down the time you have to spend on lines.

Benefit from being an Early Bird

Going to the parks as early as possible can give you so many benefits. Before the lines get too long, you can ride the most popular rides you have been meaning to ride and appreciate the attractions before people start to crowd the places. Also, visiting the parks as early as possible will give you more hours to enjoy before the hottest time of the day takes over.

Watch a Show

Aside from the enjoyable rides and beautiful attractions, many theme parks offer entertainment through their shows. Whether it is a pet show, a dance show, or cultural show, this is something you do not want to miss while going to a theme park trip! To make sure you avail of a seat, consider paying an extra fee for a reserved seating so you can sit back and enjoy the performance.

Bring Home a Souvenir

To make your visit to the park truly memorable, head to one of the park’s souvenir shops and buy something as remembrance: may it be some Luffy action figures, your own Harry Potter wand, or some Disney character collectibles. Whether it is for you or a gift for a friend, it will surely put a smile on one’s face.


Before you spend a day at the theme park of your choice, do not forget to remember these six tips to make your visit worthwhile. Make the most of your time in the theme park and enjoy as much as you can.

How to Become a Successful Audio Nomad

Audio Nomad

Anyone who loves music and loves to travel would really want to become an audio nomad. According to, Audio nomad is people that are so-called location-independent people. There are many perks that you can actually get being an audio nomad. One is you get to travel to different places while doing what you love to do such as producing music. Two is you get to go on an adventure while traveling and possibly get inspirations out of it. Producing music does not necessarily mean that you have to have a physical studio where you can produce your own music. Because of technology, things that you do or you can do are made easier but we also have to consider that starting to produce music takes much effort and you should take m it one step at a time.

Having a physical studio is actually not a disadvantage. Each individual has their own type of space. People who are less adventurous and are introvert would prefer to be staying in one place and have a physical studio of themselves but to those people who are extrovert and loves to go on an adventure would find having a physical studio forever would feel dreaded, less inspired and bored.

A person who loves to travel while bringing their work positively and possibly gets a lot of inspiration while they travel from one place to another when they travel. One artist named Simon Peter said that when he started bringing his work outside while he travels gave him a different thinking perspective and even added creativity to his music. He also said that he used to have his own physical studio where he makes his own music but one thing he can say with his experience is that, as time passes by, he felt like he lacks inspiration because if the same daily routine that he makes. He also said that when traveling while making his music, he gets to discover that he is not the only one who is an Audio nomad. When traveling and making music, it can give you opportunities to collaborate with people who share the same passion as you do.

Traveling gives you the opportunity to explore different musical influences and styles. However, when traveling while making your own music is not easy because there are many things that should also be considered. One is the equipment you need when producing your own music. Two, traveling takes up a lot of your energy, time and money. Three, the type of gear or equipment to bring when you travel. Lastly is managing your money well, business and many other things.

There are three important things that you should always remember when you plan to be an audio nomad. Fist, manage your time wisely. Second, spend wisely and third is living like you are a local. These things will really help you if you wanted to be an audio nomad and soon be very successful with what you love to do.