Audio Nomad

Anyone who loves music and loves to travel would really want to become an audio nomad. According to, Audio nomad is people that are so-called location-independent people. There are many perks that you can actually get being an audio nomad. One is you get to travel to different places while doing what you love to do such as producing music. Two is you get to go on an adventure while traveling and possibly get inspirations out of it. Producing music does not necessarily mean that you have to have a physical studio where you can produce your own music. Because of technology, things that you do or you can do are made easier but we also have to consider that starting to produce music takes much effort and you should take m it one step at a time.

Having a physical studio is actually not a disadvantage. Each individual has their own type of space. People who are less adventurous and are introvert would prefer to be staying in one place and have a physical studio of themselves but to those people who are extrovert and loves to go on an adventure would find having a physical studio forever would feel dreaded, less inspired and bored.

A person who loves to travel while bringing their work positively and possibly gets a lot of inspiration while they travel from one place to another when they travel. One artist named Simon Peter said that when he started bringing his work outside while he travels gave him a different thinking perspective and even added creativity to his music. He also said that he used to have his own physical studio where he makes his own music but one thing he can say with his experience is that, as time passes by, he felt like he lacks inspiration because if the same daily routine that he makes. He also said that when traveling while making his music, he gets to discover that he is not the only one who is an Audio nomad. When traveling and making music, it can give you opportunities to collaborate with people who share the same passion as you do.

Traveling gives you the opportunity to explore different musical influences and styles. However, when traveling while making your own music is not easy because there are many things that should also be considered. One is the equipment you need when producing your own music. Two, traveling takes up a lot of your energy, time and money. Three, the type of gear or equipment to bring when you travel. Lastly is managing your money well, business and many other things.

There are three important things that you should always remember when you plan to be an audio nomad. Fist, manage your time wisely. Second, spend wisely and third is living like you are a local. These things will really help you if you wanted to be an audio nomad and soon be very successful with what you love to do.

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