Tips on How to Take Perfect Adventure Self-Portrait

Adventure Self-Portrait

Traveling alone does not necessarily mean awkward selfies and not being included in your custom painting kits. With thorough planning, patience, and a bit of experimenting with your shots, you can achieve the perfect adventure self-portrait. Painting self portraits are not as hard as you imagine them to be. Even when traveling solo, the most fun photoshoot can be realized.

Here are some tips to get the best photos while traveling alone:

Take Photos Inside Your Tent or Camper

You probably wonder how some can take lovely self-portraits by themselves. Well, you will be amazed to know that some photos are taken many times before they get to choose the best photo. So be patient when taking self-portraits.

Make your trip memorable and make sure to tell a story on every picture. Take pictures of yourself while inside the tent or in your camper. Don’t forget to capture the reality of the place, and no matter how messy the situation. You can also take photos of the landscape outside.

Use a Selfie Stick but Never Use it the Traditional Way

Don’t hesitate to be more creative when traveling alone. You want to cover the whole place; hence taking selfies, the entire trip is not a good idea. Place the selfie stick on your shoulder, inside your backpack, in a tree, etc. Set a timer and then pose. There are many ways to use a selfie stick, and it’s always better than placing them in your face.

Make Use of Your Car Window as a Frame for Your Shot

There is no need to print your photo so you can place it in a frame. You can just be creative to achieve a framed shot. The output of this shot is always unique and minimalist. While traveling, you can find a lot of frames that you can use in taking photos. Utilize your car windows, the tent window, and even the rearview mirror.

Place Your Phone on the Dash and Set the Timer

Candids are always amazing. It tells a story, and you never know how great the results are with a time-lapse. Just go on with your travel and sightseeing and once you see a perfect place, don’t hesitate to take photos.

Do You Ugly and Horrible? Take a Photo!

You don’t need to wait for a perfect face, perfect place, and perfect time when taking photos. You are traveling for experience and stories in the future. It’s fun to take photos when you’re not at your best, feeling down, or tired. This tells a fantastic story, and it makes you reminded that you were in this place once upon a time and had a good time.

Final Words

Your travel self-portraits are for you. You don’t need to follow some rules for it to be perfect. Some of the best shorts are taken by mistakes so just keep shooting. Always remember that the essence of traveling is to have fun and chill.